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  • description of how to buy furniture chairs. The small size study space 1 measurement study space put furniture seat big, certainly is not convenient, space will become smaller, therefore, to measure study space before buying the size of the study, chairs and bookcase accounted for the entire space ratio of about 45% for good, if too much furniture will appear space crowded depression. 2 mobile library furniture chair if do academic research or computer work, need to work flexible enough space to facilitate

    freedom of movement to take books, should choose the mobile library furniture chair, computer desk work expansion collocation, more at ease. 3 the overall layout style to other space and make a study, the purchase of furniture seats also need to take into account the overall layout style of other furniture in the space, should be coordinated with the overall sense, in order to reflect the whole space. 4 buy desk chair, must try to sit after the use of comfortable type, buy desk chair, must try to sit, general study desk

    height 70-80cm, furniture seat height is about 45-50cm, suitable for adults, if the children's desk, at the time of purchase to more children figure selection can be adjusted the height of desk and chair. Understanding of the purchase of furniture chairs common sense, we take a look at the study furniture chairs product recommendation information. Study furniture chairs recommend a: thick and comfortable seat thick color, thick material of the most suitable for the classic style of the computer table to match, reflecting

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