brace up furniture

  • The reporter tries to contact inferior brace up furniture, hope understanding removed business income to rise 2014 but the reason that profit glides, hope to attaching fence to vertical concrete wall understand annual reached the sale status 2016 2015, but phone of the other side unmanned from beginning to end receive listen.

    "Actually from 2012 later, it is more and more difficult that furniture company survives, the perhaps is incorporated factory that the whole nation closes down is everywhere. Estate depression is very big a reason, and gold of field land rent rises now, personnel wages rises considerably, alternative decking to wood and hire very difficult, anyhow is all cost is rising, and furniture still sells more and more cheaply. " Yuan Yi tells to rule by law on the weekend reporter.

    Nevertheless, manual of raise capital by floating shares shows, inferior brace up the integral price of furniture was not reduced, came 2012 in June 2015 end, inferior brace up the average price of all commodity is furniture respectively 4582.35 yuan, 5088.81 yuan, 5693.78 yuan,white plastic picket fence sale 5785.68 yuan, and specific to specific product category, its are main the product includes a cupboard that also serves as a table kind, sofa kind, bed group kind, desk a few kinds, the price that chair wears kind of commodity all is in rise trend.