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  • application of plastic. In this regard, the industry analysis pointed out that the huge potential of the building plastics market, the development of architectural plastics without delay. On the one hand, with the gradual recovery of the global economy, the construction industry has gradually begun to slow down the pace of development. Affected by this, the demand for building plastics will be gradually released. In fact, in Asia, South America and some other emerging market countries, the demand for plastic has been significantly

    picked up. On the other hand, although the impact of national real estate regulation and control policies, construction development growth has declined. But in general, in the second and third tier cities and the vast rural areas, the construction industry is still in the high-speed development. In addition, the government in a large number of affordable housing and low - cost housing. Therefore, this undoubtedly to the development of building plastics to provide a strong guarantee. It can be seen, with the green concept and energy-saving

    emission reduction enjoys popular support, architectural plastics will continue to maintain the current growth momentum in the future. In addition, with the continuous development of plastic technology, the performance of building plastics have also been optimized and improved. For example, the strength of plastic pipe greatly increased, fully meet the building requirements; plastic and wood combination of wood flooring is becoming a new trend in the development of the flooring industry and so on. In this case, the spring of building

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