Light wooden floor cleaning

  • Local wood floor surface accidentally stained stains should be promptly removed, if traces of oil available rag or mop dipped in warm water or a small amount of detergent to wipe, can also be a little scrub with neutral soap and scrub. If the stain is serious, use this method is invalid, you can use high-quality sandpaper or steel ball gently wipe.

    If it is a smudge of medicine, drink or paint, it must be removed before the smudge does not penetrate the wooden surface. To remove it, wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with furniture wax. If still invalid, use a steel ball dipped furniture wax rub. If the wood floor layer surface is burnt cigarette butts, wipe with a soft cloth soaked with furniture wax can restore light. If the ink is contaminated, it should be promptly wiped with a soft wax soaked in wax, if invalid, can be reused steel ball dipped furniture wax.

    Keep the wooden floor dry and clean, you can not use the water to moisten mop mop or scrub with alkali water and soapy water to avoid damaging the brightness of paint and damaging the paint film. In case of dust or dirt can be dry mop or wring the wet mop wipe. Wax once a month (or two months) (wipe water vapor and stain before waxing).

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