Light wooden floor maintenance tips

  • Summer high temperature, solid wood internal moisture is very easy to evaporate, resulting in shrinkage of the floor volume. In addition, air-conditioning try not to blow against the floor, if you feel indoors, you can humidify the air properly. Try to reduce direct sun exposure, avoid direct contact with the hot objects at the floor, so as not to burn the film. Do not pay attention to pull the curtains in summer, will make the floor window after the sun exposure discoloration and cracking. Air conditioning temperature is too low, so that the temperature difference between day and night is too large, causing the floor expansion or contraction is too violent, resulting in the floor deformation, cracking and so on.

    Waxing the floor regularly care, wipe the water vapor and stains before wiping clean. And pay attention to select the appropriate water-based wax, but also pay attention to only use a wax at a time, or mixed together may cause chemical reactions, the floor sticky dirty. Do not apply water-based wax too thick, or easy to deface the floor surface, more difficult to clean.

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