the volume rises

  • market clinchs a deal the volume rises 100% , clinch a deal valence newspaper receives 17920 yuan / ton. Market personage analysis points out,plastic supplier in jamaica downstream factory has entered busy season, the demand to annatto also gradually to the limit of one's capacity rises, if do not have the influence of other benefit empty factor, market of predicting

    annatto short line trades to still can have the possibility that continues to rise. The classified index such as &nbs log, sawn timber, man-made fence built with pallets board rises drop each other shows. Among them log of piscine bead market clinchs a deal on behalf of breed hophornbeam beans valence newspaper receives 3300 yuan / Floating Floor Over Deck beans of stere, made of baked clay

    peaceful clinchs a deal valence newspaper receives 2550 yuan / stere; Deal of white pine of breed of delegate of sawn timber of big southwest market, Plastic Timber Wall Cladding Distributors Canada clinchs a deal price closes at 1800 yuan / stere, 1790 yuan / stere; Concrete model represents breed with plywood 12 li element board clinch a deal valence newspaper receives 36 yuan /