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  • project, before paving tiles need to pay attention to many details, such as paving tiles to soak in water for 20-30 minutes before paving, otherwise after tiling easily warped, also need to pay attention to whether the tile color, dropping and so on, the small house and everyone a study of paving tiles need to pay attention to what matters. Shop tiles should be checked before the packaging marked color number, size is the order of their own models, the color of the brick is a color, such as color, broken line and other

    defects. Only the use of uniform color, can make the color uniform. The paving cement should be low grade cement, the thickness is not too large, generally not more than 5mm. approval should pay attention to tile must firm, no hollowing, no cracks, no distortion, lack of edge off angle defect. 1, tile shop before the consumer must be sampling, look at the grade, color difference and see whether the sample is consistent, such as confirmation, it is best to let the person in charge of the construction of the sign, or

    immediately notify the tile dealer. 2, if the wall is a wall putty or light pressure cement wall, must first do the eradication of roughening treatment. There shall be no less than 1/3 wall bricks. 3, the ground should be fully wet, the horizontal line on the wall and put on the ground line to ensure that the rooms of the low brick in a unified level. 4, the floor tile is best to use dry shop method. 5, toilet floor tiles should be reserved for about 1% of the slope, and less than 10mm. Kitchen floor tiles should be properly reduced

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