Environmental protection wood - plastic floor

  • Wood-plastic composite material continuous mixing manufacturing technology is the use of coupling technology, wood flour, wood chips and thermoplastic combination, and the use of continuous mixing technology made of high-strength composite materials, the use of wood fiber as reinforcing material, Hardness, mechanical strength, pest control, waterproof, dimensional stability are good.

    Compared with traditional wood processing and plastic processing, wood-plastic composite board has obvious technical characteristics. The production process of wood-plastic composite board is to dry the wood powder after processing, and mix it according to different formula requirements. , Crushing, according to the profiles required by the plastic processing extrusion molding machine, and further processed into products, all kinds of wood fiber from wood scraps, straw, rice husk and other processing, especially waste wood flour, sawdust, crops Straw, etc., is undoubtedly beneficial to the social environment protection, not only conducive to human living environment, but also the rational use of limited resources.

    Application of Building materials: indoor and outdoor all kinds of planking, fence, building templates, partition noise panels, mobile homes, moisture baffle, staircase board, handrails, door frames, platform, water buildings, road boards; Decorative panels, floor, seat back, dashboard, seat floor, roof and so on. Garden materials: outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor handrails and decorative panels, flower boxes, open-air paving, waste boxes, and so on. Interior decoration: all kinds of decorative articles, decorative panels, frame, curtain rod, curtain ring and decorative pieces, activities blinds, ceilings, wall panels and so on.

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