Drying Ceramic Blank

  • New Technology of Drying Ceramic Blank Microwave drying is completely different from the traditional drying, it has the traditional drying does not have the drying effect, in the daily porcelain industry, low temperature basement floor composites UAE drying and high temperature heating has a broad application prospects. The use of microwave drying technology can make the general ceramic body in a few minutes to complete the dry, and difficult to cause the body deformation, cracking.

    Microwave drying applications vinyl plank tiles johor bahru can shorten the drying time of the green body can also reduce the dry space of the blank, is conducive to the realization of the linkage with the process before and the production of automation.

    Foreign major ceramic production countries such as Japan and the United Kingdom, although the main product production is still rolling mainly, but its technical content anti-slip decking stain and automation has been upgraded. Which in particular, in a variety of rolling automatic lines have been introduced at the same time, with its combined into the unit drying equipment to microwave rapid drying direction. The latest type of dryer is a microwave pulsed dryer for everyday ceramics, which will further reduce the drying energy consumption and further improve the quality of the green body. Recently there is a dry technology called "Solar Collector", which converts solar energy into a controlled hot air stream Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust for drying the body. Its dry quality is good