wood flooring determines the consumer's

  • antimicrobial agent' non-toxic and tasteless, composite decks with benchesthe human body will not produce any side effects, with high safety, the maximum guarantee of consumer health. (Xiao Li)To strengthen the floor of the return of the essence of China's laminate flooring in the price war, E0 dispute, 337 investigation, raw material prices and the European Code after the incident into the unprecedented winter stage: the integrity of the industry crisis consumers, some brand floor Sales fell sharply, the floor business into confusion, to strengthen the wooden floor of the way out where? How should the future work? July 4,[url=http://woodenflooringinfo.com/outdoor-panel/4269.html]tongue and groove pvc porch flooring[/url] Hong Yan, president of the company Li Wei (Li Wei blog, Li Wei

    news, Li Wei speak), the German sales director of Zhou Weijun summer, the United States meadWestvaco company sales manager Cheng Bo and 'China Quality', 'Chinese wood-based panels4 x8 composite sheet 'Gathered in Beijing to discuss the strengthening of wood flooring marketing and future development of the road. Li Wei: consumer demand = quality products + quality service + reasonable price. The prerequisite for quality products is high quality raw materials.[url=http://woodenflooringinfo.com/composite-deck/5447.html]composite decking closeout liquidation[/url] Mr. Li Wei, president of the company, believes that the strengthening of the wood flooring has entered a mature stage, marketing a wide variety of publicity from the initial simple demands of the basic

    characteristics of products,patio base from recycled materials the development of speculation, anti-bacterial, E0 and other 'new concept' stage. In the industry is facing a huge impact on the special period, the industry's first-line brand has also been a relatively large impact, the future marketing of the road should be how to go? Is the price reduction to survive, continue to hype the new concept, or down to earth to do the product at the same time provide consumers with more added value?[url=http://decks-decking.com/decking/5160.html]building a exterior porch stairs with plastic wood[/url] and many more. These require all policy makers and industry practitioners to think deeply. Li Wei believes that enterprises should be around the consumer to do things. Consumer demand = quality