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  • children used to sports dance floor, but also need a higher comfort. It is recommended to choose the kind of surface after a special treatment, can be consistent with the brightness of light, not light and reflective glare, the thickness of about 4.5mm-6.5mm or so, and also with the right amount of foam at the bottom of the buffer layer, so that the whole floor With a rebound and shock absorption. This dance floor foot comfort, can effectively reduce the impact of children's legs, to avoid sports injuries. 3, the solid firmness of the dance

    floor is not enough to know that the use of the process may bring danger to people, so the choice of children dance floor must pay attention to its firmness. It is recommended to choose the kind of foam floor with the surface of the floor with the floor, because the floor will be reasonable after the weight of the combination of artificial roller with the floor of the floor and the ground contact between the air discharge, the formation of a relatively vacuum state, Focus on the movement more stable. 4, wear resistance It is well known that

    the dance floor is too easy to lead to dance people fall injury, so the dance floor in the friction is more stress. It is recommended to choose those flooring with 100% pure PVC quality, and then the surface layer is also treated with special high-tech TPU, because this floor has a strong wear resistance and durability, anti-slip and can increase the floor life. 5, low noise dancing can be considered a laborious movement, rotation, jump will inevitably lead to a large sound on the floor, so in order to reduce noise, it is best to spend some

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