learn carpentry together

  • I and young associate learn carpentry together. " Jin Weihong's home town is promoted in Zhejiang carry on, one leaves Dong Yang's very close hill village.anti-static bargain fence panels There is woodcarving history of more than 1000 years over there, reach in Beijing the Imperial Palace revive, Hangzhou, Anhui and other places, elegant Dong Yangmu carve saves a life.

    Perhaps be to be in a country to be brought up in one's childhood, had not seen the reason of society, jin Weihong is very unfamiliar to handicraft. exterior kid safe mats When just beginning apprentice, the master often gives him the coronal with " stupid " this word, but he is done not have crestfallen. Later, jin Weihong went to Kunming along with the master, those who began oneself " do sth over and over again " road.

    "When going to Kunming,diy composite wood fencing the condition in the home is bad, autumn pants is canned not afford, salary of a year has 200 money only. " Jin Weihong with interest of pliable but strong, unremitting. luxury wood polymer composite in thailand Be in Kunming one year that, not only carpentry craft had rise, his horizon also promotes apparently.