floor advantages

  • Three, aggrandizement is compound the install fences on a slope advantages: wide range of USES, breed of design and color is much, hard texture, changeless form, fire prevention, wear-resisting. Simple maintenance, easy construction. Disadvantages: material sex cold plastic deck grids install cost in Germany , the foot feels hard.

    Select the point: a look at the surface. The surface paint besmear brushs luster, uniform paint film is plump, with or without needle granular, indentation, plane marks; 2 see formaldehyde release a quantity trinidad decking materials . As in the laying process, has the formaldehyde smell a pungent flavour, have excessive formaldehyde concentration in the air;

    3 the moisture content. Basic qualified moisture content is usually about 12%; 4 look agglutination performance. Put specimen with a certain temperature of the water after treatment tiger claw hidden decking fasteners , dipping detachment value is lower, the better, agglutination intensity value, the higher the better.