vthe seam paving paving bathroom

  • should not be too large, too large specifications overall feeling is not harmonious, and not easy to install ground floor drain. General kitchen tiles with 300*300 or 330*330 specifications. 2, the bathroom tile shop to do before the brick paving scheme before paving brick scheme, try not to appear less than 1/3 narrow column. It is necessary to cut processing, ceramic tile after cutting to the remaining more than 2/3 of the appropriate. 3, before paving tiles make the bathroom tiles paving, the use of the bathroom wall

    and floor tiles around again to confirm, to prevent the bathroom tile confusion, so as to avoid the misuse of the phenomenon will tile. 4, the bathroom tile paving waterproof bathroom put before the front tiles need to do wall waterproofing treatment, if take the first tile paste tiles, floor tile, the need to do a closed water test, the best re waterproof ground. 5, to understand the wiring of water and electricity in the shop before the paste, to remember the walls of the ground water pipes and wires to the trend, it is best to

    keep a good circuit, water line map, in order to facilitate the future need to overhaul the search. Two, the bathroom tile paving process posted in the specification of cement mortar paste proportion 1, bathroom tile paving bathroom tile with cement 425 cement, cement sand mixing ratio not greater than 1:3, cement content heavy, because the expansion coefficient of cement and high lead tiles cracking, reduce the use of ceramic tile life. 2, the bathroom tile soaked long toilet if the glazed wall tile, cement mortar used as

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