antibacterial floor provides

  • Is not the business to play the promotional concept? This reporter interviewed the Hunan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention Decoration Materials and Indoor Air Monitoring Section Zhouchun Liang.[url=]bamboo fiber composite[/url] Zhou Chunliang said, antibacterial floor is a certain amount of antibacterial agent added to the floor material, made by processing. Antibacterial floor can make the surface of the proliferation of bacteria be inhibited, thereby achieving long-term health and safety purposes. So it can indeed sterilization.plans for a bench made from decking planks free He believes that more and more consumers are beginning to pay attention to indoor air pollution, but has not found a good way to eradicate indoor pollution. In this sense,

    the antibacterial floor provides a more practical solution. He also reminded that antibacterial flooring is certainly a trend in the future development of the flooring industry, but for now, perforated tiles for swimming pool deckthere are many technical issues to be addressed, especially the safety of antimicrobial problems. Zhou Chunliang quoted International Medical Biotechnology Academy of Sciences, said Yang Zibo, nanoscale fungicide in medicine known as the ;non-specific fungicide;, it is in the destruction of cells is ;take-all;,[url=]how to build an l shape deck bench[/url] in addition to bacterial cells, it is also the same Can be unimpeded access to human cells.

    This is known as nanoparticle toxicity. The antibacterial floor is through the continuous release of nanoparticles to achieve the efficacy of killing bacteria.composite decking 2x2 for park Zhouchun Liang said that it can be deduced that nanoparticles on the human body at least a potential hazard, but the human body can withstand the extent of what kind of magnitude? These are still unknown.[url=]waterproof balcony wpc decking[/url] It is understood that the national anti-bacterial standards is still a blank. Therefore, the antibacterial durability, effectiveness, durability, how to define?