coating absorbent material

  • Or in the target surface coating absorbent material, so that the target reflection signal strength weakened, or the use of laser camouflage stealth mesh, coated with laser absorption of paint on the Internet, due to pvc fences and gates chicagoland camouflage hidden net low price, easy to use, stable technology, easy to mass production, and Can achieve multi-band stealth function. Internationally developing this kind of material.

    The structure-type laser absorbing material is designed to composite material park benches Indonesia be an absorbent multilayer sandwich, or the composite material is honeycomb and returned at the other end of the honeycomb so as to reduce the intensity of the reflected laser signal and extend the arrival time of the reflected light The Structure of absorbing materials with light.

    high strength and good pergola and deck using composite decking absorption characteristics, is a multi-functional composite materials, by the high attention at home and abroad. The composition of the laser stealth coating Laser absorption coating in the infrared laser should have a high molar absorption, but also has excellent physical and mechanical properties, chemical stability and thermal stability, laser stealth paint on the resin requirements and radar absorbing coating similar , The absorber used rare earth, semiconductor oxide, transition metal complexes, etc., in fact, often add Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust a variety of absorbent at the same time to improve the absorption rate.