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  • Collocation: concise line and connect the visual effect to its outstanding and unobtrusive, exquisite exquisite style and have a unique style of the other, in the living room furniture in become an independent school sparkling brilliant splendor. Especially in the natural light of the more eye-catching, for the room to add a different atmosphere of warmth. In addition, the glass table is easy to clean, to meet the needs of different levels of aesthetic, and to provide a variety of fashion for the people to pursue their individual

    needs. Use tip: currently on the market for a long time the table glass toughened glass material, although hard, high temperature, but must be carefully select qualified and high strength glass table, so as to avoid the heat caused by desktop blowout, especially the children's families try not to choose glass table. Five, marble table simple fashion marble table with leather seats, ' organic ' and ' inorganic '; ' soft ' and ' hard '. The cold marble, with leather exquisite texture to

    warm; leather on edges shaping defects, marble straight to make up. The smoothness of the marble and the unique sheen of the leather reveal the noble quality. The wooden table body and metal chair legs make the whole table chair not too thick. In the white marble of natural texture, free to jump in various levels elements from gray to black transition, like desktop remainder lined with a layer of ink. The seat is the use of a single deep brown, foil leather unique noble texture. When the desktop is slightly pale white

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