Anti slip composite decking

  • But using original polished wood means a lesser degree of grip. When a person steps on an evenly polished board, chances are that he will lose balance. The most common tree for deriving the timber is oak. wood plastic composite panel europe. Manufacturers are very careful in sawing boards and the timbers are generally handpicked and hand-finished to ensure that the floor captures the real charm of oak. Then these boards are textured in detail in order to provide a surface that resists slip. Decking with rubber inlay: There are some companies that specialize in anti slip decking. They craft the boards in a way that the panels are slip resistant. For that purpose, they use a combination of wood and rubber. diy cheap plastic decking singapore. After the woods are sawn and milled to prepare the timbers, they use a sophisticated rubber inlay to increase the degree of friction. The chance of slip is indirectly proportional to the degree of friction. The rubber inlay works to give traction to the footing. These decking boards have numerous applications even in swimming pools. Outdoor decking: Specialized manufacturers are concerned about other factors of the decking when they are used in outdoor locations. fence panel for sale in uae.