roof waterproof, coated with

  • sealed door and drainage in the bathroom on the ground fills the water reaches a certain level, and make a mark, the liquid level within 24 hours without significantly decreased, especially the home downstairs there is no leakage in the roof, water to make qualified. Such as unqualified acceptance, waterproofing works must be redone after the re acceptance. Don't ignore this link, a lot of road renovation team didn't do waterproofing, are finished glass glue finished, so once again after Water Leakage, too late to

    remedy, so waterproof experiments must be done. No confirmation of leakage points, and then laid on the floor. 1, the ground floor should pay attention to waterproof, non slip. Bathrooms ground decoration materials, preferably with a raised pattern of tiles, the tile is not only a good waterproof performance, but even in avoiding situations, nor too. 2, topBathroom wall waterproof normally, the waterproof layer height to reach more than 25cm, in the shower area, especially the installation of the wall of the shower,

    do the best waterproof layer 180cm. In fact, waterproof, grassroots treatment is very critical, a lot of people just pay attention to the material, the primary treatment is not good, then the material is also good. The house and a look at how to do the toilet waterproof effect. First, the bathroom wall height of a high degree of water bathroom Construction Committee of the national standard is 1.8 meters, the building is in the building has been done waterproof construction, waterproof layer extends from the ground

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