coatings future development

  • Laser stealth coatings future development direction of the current laser stealth paint most of the shortcomings of the quality of heavy, difficult to achieve the quality of demanding weapons and other weapons antislip deck boards on the application of weapons, the preparation of absorbing paint, in addition to meet the requirements of electromagnetic parameters, the general There are many restrictions on the absorbent.

    Such as vacuum and structural constraints and thermal shock, acid and alkali, anti-oxidation, the future development trend of laser stealth paint is the full range of multi-functional stealth materials. Stealth technology on deck wood composite vs plastic the highest requirements of absorbing paint is light, thin, wide, strong, and more light refers to the material surface density is small, light weight. Thin means that the material thickness is thin. Wide refers to the stealth band to be wide.

    The band to cover the wide band. Strong means that the material has strong absorbing properties. Mostly refers to the function of stealth materials. Not only to be able to outside composite decking reviews absorb radar waves, but also have good temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, weatherability, stealth paint in a wide frequency range to meet the conditions of impedance matching, while meeting the thin, wide, light, strong The requirements are very difficult, the actual application is often based on the use of stealth coating conditions. Focus on highlighting a performance. Taking into account other performance, the future of stealth materials should meet the multi-band stealth, environmental adaptability, high temperature, resistance to marine Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust climate and nuclear radiation and other higher requirements to meet the needs of future war.