concerned about the sterilization floor

  • In addition, the photocatalyst can also organic substances and indoor harmful gas redox reaction, will be transformed into harmless water and carbon dioxide, so as to purify the environment and clean air effect.[url=]plywood for deck flooring[/url] According to reports, the sterilization floor price is 138 yuan / square meters, there are many people in the industry concerned about the sterilization floor! According to the ;China Quality News; reported that ;antibacterial; concept has been mentioned in the country for several years, now crown with ;antibacterial, bactericidal, bacteriostatic;cheap outdoor flooring options solutions word products have been around us: large refrigerator, air conditioning, small to us All kinds of pens,

    home cooking with the seasoning box, and even every day we wear socks, underwear ... ... a time ;antibacterial, bactericidal, antibacterial; everywhere. Of course, antibacterial materials have also entered the field of building materials.shutters for deck ;The emergence of antibacterial flooring, marking the domestic flooring industry has entered a new stage.; Held in Beijing in 2004, a ;anti-bacterial flooring - to create a green, healthy home,; the theme of the seminar, many building materials companies so that ;[url= ]The Basics of PVC Composite Flooring[/url] Antibacterial floor ;meaning. In the most recent period, the entire flooring industry Qi card health, ;antibacterial floor; concept quickly swept the domestic flooring industry.

    Many brands are even claimed that their floors use advanced nanomaterials for antibacterial and bactericidal. In the face of this concept of boom, some experts seem very calm,plastic lumber garden fence ;antibacterial flooring is certainly a trend in the future development of the flooring industry, but for now, there are many technical issues to be addressed, especially antimicrobial safety. Understand, antibacterial floor is a certain amount of antibacterial agent added to the floor material, processed into antibacterial floor. Antibacterial floor can make the surface of the proliferation of bacteria be inhibited, thereby achieving long-term health and safety purposes.[url= ]Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Decking[/url] According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Antibacterial Materials Testing Center,