table three, this is our common

  • summary: home table, eat well, in order to live a good life can be more sweet.According to the shape of household dining tables and chairs are divided, round table, square table, and table three, this is our common table. So how can the table and chair Xu Ang enough? Small series in the following table for you to introduce the purchase and size of the table to determine. How to determine the size of the table table 1, table 760mm? A x 760mm table and 1070mm x 760mm is commonly used in the table size. If the

    chair can be inserted into the bottom of the table, even a very small corner, also can put a six seat dining table, dining table, only to pull out some of it. 760mm table width is a standard size, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise, to when the table is too narrow and feet touch each other. The foot of the table is best to shrink in the middle, if four feet arranged in the four corners, it is inconvenient. The height of the desk is generally 710mm, with 415mm the height of the chair. The table is low, and the food can be seen

    clearly on the table. 2, round table if the living room, dining room furniture are square or rectangular, round table diameter can be increased from 150mm. In general small and medium-sized houses, such as the diameter of the 1200mm table, often too large, can be customized to a diameter of 1140mm round table, the same can sit 8-9 people, but it looks more spacious space. If the diameter of more than 900mm of the table, although many people can sit, but should not be placed too many fixed chairs. Such as the

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