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  • step on the floor, the floor is easy to sound. Wood keel if the shop is not strong and easy to produce the same situation, so the wood keel must be checked after the shop. You can feet on the wooden keel, by shaking his feet to detect the wood keel is solid, if not enough need to strengthen the. Keel, floor fixation need to pay attention to the use of playing wedge and iron nails fixed way, will cause due to wood wedge and nail contact surface is too small and make nail force is not enough, easy to cause loose wooden keel, walking in

    the above prone to sound. Floor and wood plate of the fixed, if not track-type pavement, you need to use nails fixed. The selected nail is best for the floor dedicated screw, first with ** drilling, and then fixed. Keel need to do dry and moth the general qualified solid wood flooring moisture content of 12%, wood keel to be dry, it will not be too much because of the humidity difference and the rapid absorption of wood flooring, causing the floor from the arch, paint burst. Solid wood flooring is good wood, easy to borers, so in

    the wood keel put camphor saws, the standard is every 8 square put a kilogram of camphor wood, pay attention to put evenly. Color problems in advance to pay attention to each piece of solid wood flooring color will be different, it should be in the formal laying before the selection of color, texture similar to the floor, will make the overall pavement effect will not have large differences. It should be noted that, in the floor approach, the best through the hand touch, visual way, to check the quality of the floor, there are problems in time to

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