present of lumber

  • According to at present of lumber spend career, the value of annatto market is daily rising, with bright red acid the branch is exemple, the little material of anti scratch deck online branch of current and bright red acid, second makings every tons of price 50 thousand reach 70 thousand yuan, expect in every tons of price 80 thousand reach 150 thousand yuan,

    caliber 20 centimeters good stuff every tons of price is in 200 thousand reach 300 thousand yuan, what requirements comes 30 centimeters in 20 centimeters is compare cost of porch flooring classy good stuff every tons of price is in 400 thousand to 600 thousand yuan between, still some of board makings presses his clement theory piece sell,

    amount to comes down every tons of million yuan. From the point of the entrance origin respect of annatto raw material, vietnam was 2013 since China and the landscaping ideas using one fence panel distribution centre that southeast Asia annatto imports. 2014-2016 year, the 4th big lumber of world after Vietnam has become a country of be placed in the middle, Germany and Italy and wood products export a nation.