the master resurfacing

  • only upward expansion, causing arch. 3. Floor moisture content is too low In addition, there is a possibility that the moisture content of wood flooring is too low, the wood floor is too dry, once the moisture caused by the transition from the deformation of the arch. Second, the solution to the family floor from the arch There are ways to use and cleaning in the usual day, as long as possible to keep the ground dry and clean, do not drop the wet cloth wiping the ground, do not have heavy or sharp weapon hit the ground, will not encounter

    Arch deformation, serious grinding of the phenomenon of paint. If the floor from the arch of the degree of relatively small, then the doors and windows closed, the use of air conditioning dehumidification function, control the indoor humidity can be self-recovery. If the degree of arrogance is very serious, it is recommended that the master resurfacing and re-adjust the expansion joints, remove the skirting stone, replace the old floor; in the demolition, the floor surface if damaged, should also be replaced by a new floor. Third, laying

    the floor to prevent the arches Note First of all, before the pavement to choose a good stability products. Pavement on the isolation layer moisture, waterproofing works, must meet the laying requirements. Floor coverings, the provision of sufficient expansion joints; pavement after completion, do not forget to strengthen the maintenance of wood flooring, ventilation and indoor relative humidity control. Second, the floor after the laying of the need for health 24 hours before use, so as not to affect the use of the floor effect. Third, in the

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