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  • other purposes, Party B should be double compensation to party a misappropriation of material price. 2 if the materials and equipment supplied by Party B are not in conformity with the quality requirements or specifications are different, the use of the equipment shall be prohibited. If used, the losses caused to the project shall be borne by Party b.. 3 Party A shall be responsible for the procurement of materials and equipment, which shall be in conformity with the design requirements and shall be supplied to

    the site on time. If delayed, postponed the construction period, and punished according to the delay period. Party A shall pay Party B 10% of the total amount of material supplied by Party A as the management fee. Party B shall be responsible for the custody of the material after Party B's acceptance, and Party B shall be responsible for the loss due to improper storage. Article fifth: payment 1 contract once signed, Party A shall be able to deal with the 100% engineering materials and construction costs of 50%;

    when the construction schedule more than half (Nian Yueri), the first party to pay the construction fee of second times. The remaining 10% of the first party after the completion of the project acceptance of the settlement. (Note: construction costs include labor costs). Party A shall not have the right to stop construction on the date of payment. When the acceptance is not settled, the price shall not be delivered. 2 if there are any changes or changes in the project construction, the two parties shall sign a supplementary

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