Release the floor due to thermal

  • But the market or to the majority of flat pressure structure, side pressure and horizontal structure of the product only a few domestic enterprises to produce, such as Hangzhou Dazhuang production of bamboo flooring stability, subject to environmental impact, deformation probability is low, can be effective Release the floor due to thermal expansion and contraction or moisture generated after the internal stress,

    can adapt to a variety of global climate, especially in northern China. Bamboo age is not the longer the better In the building materials city often heard selling bamboo floor sales staff said: "Our bamboo is very high quality, bamboo age 9 years." Many consumers also believe that the older the more mature bamboo, Use it to do bamboo floor certainly more solid.

    In fact, experts believe that the age of bamboo is not the bigger the better. The best bamboo age should be 4 to 6 years, 4 years or less too small no material, bamboo too tender; age 9 years ** bamboo skin is too thick to use up more brittle. Too tender, too old will affect the stability of bamboo geothermal floor.

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