mandatory floor

  • "The international financial news high stability pvc fences panels 7ft high , xinhua Beijing March 24 - consumer decorate houses when buying a floor board, tend to value the quality of the product itself, The key procedure for the installation of the floor generally ignored. In fact, three seven product installation lightweight plastic composite for flooring , non-standard construction make the good quality of the products also sell at a discount greatly.

    Experts are calling for, our country should introduce mandatory floor "installation acceptance standard". In view of the present wood floor market the phenomenon of installation is not standard outdoor chairs bulk cheap sale , lack of acceptance standard, a group vice President, said the building materials industry has a unwritten rules,

    three seven product installation. But in a long period of time, consumers simply far to the attention of the products exceeded the importance of installation technology and accessories accessories lignin free wood composite decking . He said: "the soft rib of consumption has become a wood floor installation, non-standard construction to make good the quality of the products also sell at a discount greatly."