Analysis of Wood - Plastic Material Production Equipment

  • Deforestation, excessive deforestation of forest resources have been seriously damaged, the human living environment is deteriorating. In view of the global phenomenon of declining forest resources, it is very important to protect the existing forest resources. Anhui Shengtai Shouzhu New Material Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Thai Thai plastic wood) attaches great importance to this, and actively develop the wood-plastic industry, good resources recycling, strict quality control, to produce low-carbon environmentally friendly wood products, A unique new model for protecting forests.

    Wood products are about 60% of raw materials is wood chips or bamboo chips, 30% is the recovery of shampoo bottles, shower gel bottles, oil jugs, detergent bottles, these are mostly waste. The production process of the product is similar to the extrusion process of the steel doors and windows, the application of plastic modification and wood powder, bamboo powder coating technology, high technology content. Wood-plastic products are more environmentally friendly, can be used in the outdoors for a long time, will not rot, easy to crack. The product to a large extent to maintain the characteristics of wood, but like wood more wins wood, but also recycling, is the other materials can not match.

    We feel very sorry for the "poison floor" incident and the "false door" of nature flooring, as well as the various "quality doors" of the building materials industry. Each enterprise must have their own responsibilities and conscience, to produce on the human health and the environment is not harmful high-quality products, is the enterprise at least the responsibility. And wood-plastic products is your choice.

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