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  • color production. With the most complete after-sales service, to provide a complete installation plan and technical guidance, can also provide installation services. Wood plastic floor with water, corrosion resistance, long service life, wood and plastic materials and their products compared with wood, can be resistant to strong acid, water, corrosion resistance, and not the proliferation of bacteria, not easy to be insects, not long fungus. Long service life, up to 50 years. Wood plastic material excellent strength function, wood-

    plastic composite materials containing plastic, so have a good elastic modulus. In addition, because of the fiber and filled with plastic, so with the hardwood appropriate compression, anti-tortuous and other physical mechanical function, and its use is significantly better than the usual wood material. High hardness, usually 2 - 5 times the wood. Wood plastic material excellent adjustable function, through the additives, plastic can attack polymerization, foam, curing, modification and other changes, and then change the density of

    wood plastic materials, strength and other characteristics, but also to achieve anti-aging, anti-static, resistance Burning and other special requirements Wood plastic flooring can be processed, can be set, can plan, can be saw, drill, the appearance can be painted, high environmental protection, pollution-free, pollution-free, recyclable. Commodities do not contain benzene, formaldehyde content of 0.2, lower than the EO-level norms for the European environmental norms, can be recycled large-scale operation. Waterproof, moisture.

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