alliance "floor"

  • But in recent years water proof plastic wood panels sale , the trend of polarization is more and more serious, large enterprise product quality is stable, small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) is a downward trend, enterprise technical level, product quality, service quality is uneven, therefore, need industry enterprise alliance "floor" the leading overdeterminism, worked hard wood plastic composite decking board notingham , hard to cultivate the market of health,

    the standardization, promote the laminate flooring industry in China in the direction of the scale, standardization, science and technology development. As of November 2004 interlocking wood plastic patio roof panels , has bought 1000 square kilometers in the Brazilian amazon river primeval forest in April this year will spend 40 million yuan to complete the acquisition of a wood processing factory to the Russian border,

    spent 100 million yuan to expand capacity and want to buy Brazilian forest brilliant copy to Russia, plans to use five years with the Russian government to reach a cooperation deck boards how much they cost , complete interview Lu Weiguang acquisition of local forest resources, is in the 2004 annual "Shanghai top ten youth economic figures" official candidate during a meeting with the media. Buy the 1000 - square - kilometer Brazil map "floor" of the great king,