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  • waterproof coating will have strong and pungent smell, when you can choose to smell. 3, with the official Customer Service Department of communication, there is no effective security code system, but you can communicate through the official website to understand customer service. Knowledge of how to distinguish between true and false waterproof material above is small house for your introduction, I hope to help you, if you want to know more knowledge of waterproof coating, please continue to pay

    attention to the decoration.There are many kinds of bathroom cabinets, such as marble, artificial stone, glass table, etc.. Different categories, bathroom counters will be different, in the purchase of the time to understand the point is not the same. Specific tips to buy please see the decomposition. 1 bathroom counter basin according to the type of points: divided into Taiwan under the basin, mesa basin, Taiwan Basin, ceramic art pots. 2 bathroom countertops according to material is divided into: ceramic surface, natural

    stone countertops, artificial stone countertops, glass table, acrylic table. 3 ceramic table: high hardness, low water absorption, smooth and bright, easy to scrub, scrub resistance. Is a good table material. Especially the development of mesa and basin forming, practical and convenient, is the first choice. Disadvantages can not be customized, ceramic products in the firing process will have a certain degree of deformation, the smoothness of the table will be affected. 4 natural stone countertops: high hardness, high

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