multilayer and compound board

  • Develop as the industry, 2010 on market " multilayer and compound board " strong will raid, leading the market tide. He made a bold decision -- ,rooftop decking system oneself also should produce compound template material. Tried water to machine in July 2011 " compound board " , he Longjiang is bold invest more than yuan 10, introduced a technology from Shandong and bought equipment.

    But the machine just was used because of " natural environment refuses to obey " and fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall patio floor around pool short of success for lack of a final effort. "Although the equipment technology of others is good, but the raw material material of our this locality differs character, in treatment, a lot of data appear ' broken end ' , bring about material to discard as useless. "

    He Longjiang says, especially thinner board, two end should comb a serration and groove, not allow originally easy, prep let alone " join " ,wood composite playground come so a lot of material will be wasteful. The material exert oneself that material has pledged was become compulsively naked board, but changed mostly because of climate element again after synthesis form.