high density economy

  • Now, developing zone of high density economy had planned a carpentry industry garden that covers an area of 1000 mus 2, the project always invests 3.2 billion yuan, basically manufacturing garden area, content sheds market of garden area, data to trade division of area, wodden fences for sale pittsburgh pa furniture originality estate, furniture purchases wholesale center area to wait 5 big board piece, workshop of cheap exhibition hall, standardization and content shed collect high school, meal, production, research and development is an organic whole, exert oneself is made achieve new-style, integrated model, zoology base of modern furniture industry.

    Confidence of only period law is full of, say very proudly: "We the music austral now has a catchword, it is Chinese good furniture, production is how much to fence a 100 feet in south music, after the hope goes down how many years again, our catchword should turn the world into good furniture, production is in south music " .

    On October 18, 2016, the regulation that according to safety of quality of national level exit demonstrative area builds and relevant requirement, linyi of laminate to laminate threshold organization of group of leader of construction of demonstrative division of safety of quality of Linyi exit wood examines the unit such as association of trade of timber of city of bureau of quarantine bureau, city business affairs, qualitative inspect bureau, Linyi forms group of test of association, enterprise of plastic wood structural lumber seattle random and draw-out part had year test of association inside demonstrative division of security of quantity of ligneous to Linyi city exit quality.