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  • of organic materials, and to make full use of waste wood and plastics. Environmental pollution. At present, the value-added products to improve the value of the product more and more attention. The use of wood-plastic railing in our lives has been more and more, many people will ask, wood-plastic railings in use when there is no special skills? Xiaobian to give you analysis: 1) when the mortise should also take into account the characteristics of wood-plastic hot and cold shrink, but also let it have room for telescopic activities. 2)

    pillars and road surface installation time can be used in steel embedded in the concrete inside the column at the bottom of the steel plate and then embedded with the embedded steel plate, or bolted. 3) When the total length of the railing is greater than 300 meters, consider the construction of deformation of the transition column. 4) railings style, the choice of profile specifications and railings are closely related to the span. Wood plastic materials at home and abroad will also be called: plastic wood, green wood, wood technology,

    renewable wood, plastic or wood or Paul wood, the industry known as WPC. It is based on the main raw materials of wood raw materials such as wood chips, bamboo chips, wheat straw, rice bran, peanut shell and cotton straw. The use of polymer interface chemistry and plastic filling modification characteristics, compounding a certain proportion of plastic base material, After a special process to deal with the formation of a reversible recycling, morphological structure of a variety of basic materials. It maintains the appearance

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