solid wood flooring brand concentration

  • Second, solid wood flooring brand concentration will be higher With the global economic integration process to accelerate the globalization strategy will be vigorously developed in the solid wood flooring industry, domestic brands will go to the international market, foreign brands will also have influx, A new round of competition is also more and more reflected in the brand competition.

    As consumers on the solid wood flooring market awareness is getting higher and higher, the brand has become the first element of the purchase of solid wood flooring, do not do the brand is equal to cancer, has been increasingly confirmed by the market. Solid wood flooring industry brand effect will be more and more obvious,

    strong brand market share will be more and more large, some small manufacturers, small brands will eventually be a strong brand mergers and acquisitions, brand, raw materials, channels, these three elements will Become the core of the solid wood flooring market competitiveness, and the success of the marketing channel is based on a strong brand based on.

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