understanding of the decoration

  • of hierarchy, or the pursuit of harmony harmonious beauty. Various types of material structure of the 1 chair table variety, wood, glass, metal, rattan, there are tables and chairs jade, marble, with wooden wooden tables and chairs are; it can be divided into wood, elm, oak and so on. Different materials, a variety of colors, exquisite workmanship, changing the lines sketched out a different style of the table and chair, to bring you a great choice of space. 2 antique mahogany table if you pay a great attention to the

    masters of life, or have a set of antique mahogany tables and chairs set Home Furnishing, pure is perhaps the best choice, your design, elegant shape, quaint exudes a deep breath, you have the wind fan, such a combo chairs absolutely impressive; even in the fashionable pioneer of modern families, they will lead admiration innumerable. Soft red brown chair, woodiness tactility is good, simple lines, bright desktop, pick up the plates clear beautiful shadow posture, each other, together with the red brown cushion

    square chair, chair of archaize carve, natural and harmonious, and haunt the warmth and love. 3 simple fashion cany table if you pursue a simple and stylish, not decorative carving cany desk and chair may be a good choice. For simplicity, but also highlight the self, but in the other tables and chairs for you on the impact, the leg of the table or simple lines, or outline of arbitrary geometry, the back is straight or traditional, or is ergonomically streamlined. Color is white, yellow or light brown. Don't show off, but always

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