executive freight traffic

  • In the meantime, was united executive freight traffic to lade on September 21 by the whole nation mandatory national new standard brings about what low cost deck railing ideas steam freight uses to rise, and below influence of double element of sea freight bullish, the price of balata wood begins to go up tone, go up it is 200 yuan about / stere left and right sides.

    The businessman expresses at the same time, be enslaved to be enslaved to is downstream the deviation of market demand, it is partial norms only merely (demand is big) synthetic tongue ans grove fencing california balata wood price go up somewhat tone, and stocks is big, the value with less sales volume is maintained smooth. At present �� of �� of 4/8 of norms of wood of balata of Guangdong market Thailand 2, 5 �� �� 1, class of 1.1m, AB quotes 4900 yuan / stere; best patio furniture deck 4/8 �� �� 2, 3 �� �� 1, class of 1.1m, C quotes 4300 yuan / stere.

    Burmese lumber market still does not have the near future clear improvement, each sort material is planted shipment volume all comparatives low fan. The businessman expresses, the course cuts for years, before the quality of Burmese material has been inferior to greatly, together with is discount outdoor furniture Burmese of the convulsion that the area lasts and port seal for long close, make the appeal of Burmese material drops substantially, domestic businessman also is not willing to spend energy to be on Burmese material body again.