insulation coating

  • Reflective heat insulation coating insulation mechanism is through the reflection of the coating through the sun in the visible and near infrared light part of the reflection to the external space, so that the sun exposure pvc vinyl decking china to the large Part of the energy reflection, rather than being absorbed by the coating.

    The thermal insulation properties of the coating are only related to the reflectivity of the surface of the coating film, regardless of Waterproof Porch Floor Covering Installer Seattle the thickness of the coating film. Representative type is ZS-221 sunscreen insulation coating and ZS-222 heat reflective insulation coating, thermal reflectivity can reach more than 90%, insulation cooling above 15 ��, the metal surface can reach 30 ��.

    In order to achieve the best thermal insulation purposes, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua company's professional paint engineers designed application of the coating after curing film joining deck boards on a joist should have the following effects: First, the paint has a good thermal radiation, thermal emissivity of 0.9 or more ; Second, the paint has a good thermal reflectivity, thermal reflectivity can reach more than 90%; Third, the paint has a very good low thermal conductivity, there is a good way to prevent thermal shielding; Fourth, from the use of point of view , The coating must also have Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust weathering anti-aging, a level of adhesion, the economy to meet the actual requirements and so on.