Application and Innovation of Aluminum Foam

  • A foamed aluminum alloy, the degree of consolidation of which can be compared with oak and foam concrete, the light weight can be compared with the wood plate. Foam aluminum alloy is obtained by mixinghow to build a wooden hand rail for concret steps the oxidized aluminum alloy powder with a substance separated during the heating and tempering process.

    Because aluminum contains very different alloy, the heating process is not the same as in the composition of new materials and get the gasification powder is not the same, the final foam aluminum plastic wood 2x4 lumber uk alloy has a different density, the pores of the bubble is also very small. Foam aluminum alloy material with a certain sound insulation and thermal insulation, non-toxic and will not burn.

    The information can be sawable, and can be screwed to the top, this light, solid and not afraid of fire new information can be used for the elevator door veneer, train and subway car floor laying. Foam aluminum is waterproof floors how to choose in pure aluminum or aluminum alloy to participate in additives, through the foam technology, together with both metal and bubble characteristics. It has high density, high absorption shock ability, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, anti-corrosion, noise and noise reduction, low thermal conductivity, high electromagnetic shielding, strong weatherability, filtration ability, easy Outdoor Decking Product - Shanghai Seven Trust processing, easy installation, high forming precision , Can be painted on the outside.