to be processed into a density board

  • "In the past, these corners were useless, farmers directly as firewood." King Valley Forestry Co., Ltd. Office Director Pan Pan told us that in order to save timber resources, the company two years ago on a new MDF production line, the main Used to consume the production of the corner of the residual material.

    Now King Valley Forestry Co., Ltd., every inch of wood are "tree make the best use." Duan Pan told us to King Valley, the most important species of pine trees, for example, not long into a material, the farmers can cut the pine resin, processed into rosin and turpentine. Long after the material, the main material used to process plywood, etc.,

    and the corner is also used to be processed into a density board. Now Jinggu forestry company has annual production capacity of 30,000 tons rosin, 140,000 cubic meters of wood-based panel production line, Yunnan Province is the largest, highest yield, the best quality brand-name enterprises. "We always put the ecological environment in the development of forestry in the first place."

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