Wall panels to simple but not simple wall!

  • In the home decoration, everyone is no longer only focus on practical, but also emphasis on the so-called "effect." "Light decoration, heavy decoration," the decoration consciousness, the traditional decorative materials, shape, pollution and other aspects of the drawbacks highlighted, wall panels in the wall "upgrade" the urgent needs of the rise, prevailing. Wall panels many advantages, the industry is by virtue of the installation of a simple oath to create a "fast install" era.

    "Express" is actually improved by the wall material, the structure through a reasonable design, simplify the installation process has been able to quickly install the purpose. Some wall materials, with good cement can be arbitrarily cut, cutting and splicing simple and easy; some wall panels, no cement mortar, wall conditions, good with a dedicated green wall adhesive can be used; The installation method is simply a fool-style approach, a look will be. Save the wall, leveling, painting, scraping putty ... ... the process of direct installation is the highlight of the wall panels.

    Industry-related researchers have done a field test, the results show that the conventional wall decoration construction, such as wallpaper or tiles, construction time is more than 5 times the construction of the wall. Especially in some of the more difficult construction, or more complex interior design occasions, the construction time is much higher. In addition, the wide range of wall panels, timber environmental protection; surface using advanced technology, friction, no deformation; long life, but also removable secondary use; rich pattern, plate type, customizable, Its fashion, unique decoration effect is remarkable.

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