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  • the temperature, humidity on the size of the impact, is a long time will not cause deformation, stretching the stability of the floor. 5. Colorful, vivid patterns, personalized interior space original design style and flexible combination of color, to build an imaginative living environment. Outdoor flooring preferred wood flooring outdoor building was sun exposure, the concrete ground volatile hot gas, like a sauna in the same steamed, with people can not accept the heat. Outdoor wood flooring in the sun under the exposure of the paint and

    moldy taste, looking ahead, how can we have a good mood to play it? We all want to feel the green atmosphere, spring, enjoy the ease of nature. How many people like it. When the emergence of wood flooring, and gradually change the living environment of the monotonous and summer heat caused by irritability. With the progress of science and technology, outdoor flooring has also been greatly changed, people no longer use wood preservative floor, because the birth of wood flooring to change the level and grade of outdoor flooring,

    improve the low-carbon performance, let us have a refreshing Feeling, its material, its ability to adapt to the environment is very strong, such as waterproof, moisture, corrosion, anti-termite, no crack, can be nailed, can be sawing, planing, the most important thing is that it does not require people to go to the late maintenance Maintenance, eliminating the need for maintenance of this process, saving manpower, the waste of funds, from the nature does not destroy the forest resources, recyclable, both environmentally friendly and

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