the market performance

  • Other if the market performance such as wood of Xie Su of Wo Ai brazilwood, twin can be encircled,young capable person is planted can nod, although market whole pvc tongue and groove ceiling wood planks cost clinchs a deal not much, but stability walks along goods to also improve market mood greatly however. Additional, disclose according to the businessman, in recent years since iron line child the market person that keeps taller all the way is angry, expect in the chopstick especially market respect, take money very rapid.

    At present line of Guangdong market iron child the price signs up for 2200-2300 yuan / stere, wo Ai brazilwood signs up for 2700-2800 yuan / stere, twin leaf best wood for fence in Tyrone brazilwood signs up for 3000 yuan / stere. Iron line child chopstick makings,Hophornbeam beans, small sunken yellow wingceltis has hard too big as, price of close scheduled time and quantity goes steady, among them hophornbeam beans price signs up for 2500-2800 yuan / stere, nigaragua of producing area of small sunken yellow wingceltis signs up for 25000-27000 yuan / ton.

    4, northeast log market: Newest statistic data shows 1-9 month, too port is opposite the storehouse Russian commerce is worth 330 million dollar with respect to solid merchandise on hand, grow 326.7% compared to the same period. Among them: The entrance is given priority to basically composite decking anti-mildew with bulk cargo, the log such as deciduous leaf pine, fir makes main entrance product, 1-9 month imports Russia log in all 1.118 million stere.