insulation board

  • Product life of up to 60 years, and can be biodegradable, the second recycling. HVIP vacuum insulation board has been highlighted the advantages of the world is recognized as the most efficient insulation materials. Compared with decking privacy panels Thailand traditional insulation materials, HVIP vacuum insulation plate has low thermal conductivity, excellent fire performance, low water absorption.

    light weight, easy construction and other advantages, it should be noted that its portable barre rent buy decoration material singapore water vapor permeability coefficient is low, the construction needs to take attention measures To prevent vacuum damage, once the vacuum is destroyed, although the core material will not appear hollowing, loose fall and other phenomena, but the vacuum is stratified wooden cladding fundermax completely destroyed after the thermal conductivity.

    still stronger than the traditional insulation materials. "Wear cotton", "wear cotton cap", the old house can be transformed into energy-saving insulation room, winter live warm and warm, spend half the money a year. But the realization of these beautiful ideas is a prerequisite, that is, the quality of building Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust materials to be guaranteed, first of all had fire this pass.