real wood floor

  • industry association survey according to fiber wood plastic deck install shows, of floor of consumer concerned wood in complaining dispute, because laid construction level is not high, 40% above is 30% is as a result of chosen wooden keel water decayed and too tall, inferior man-made board or emulsion replace wood patio plastic fence , inferior paint inferior complementary makings,

    10% were due to improper site maintenance, 20% are the quality problem of wooden floor itself. Morning paper dispatch (reporter lu ao however from the main street of the western han dynasty) the price of wood plastic composite simulated grain , rather than the end of last year, generally rose 20 ~ 30 yuan/square meters. One card beautiful oak,

    rose by 200 yuan a square meters. Reporters yesterday visited the building materials market, found that real wood floor rises a piece. It is predicted that with the advent of decorate busy season best gap to use on tongue and groove wood porch , prices also will increase. General price of real wood floor "100% of real wood floor also will rise in price."