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  • advantages: oak has obvious structural features, shiny, growth ring obvious, ring hole material, texture beautiful and unique, chord texture solemn, To the texture of noble and elegant; both its unique decorative effect, but also with a variety of decoration style match, favored by the vast number of consumers. And, oak strength, texture beautiful, impact resistance, full of flexibility; corrosion resistance, good adhesive properties, is a good floor with wood trees. Product category: teak geothermal floor with style: Chinese, European,

    American Product advantages: teak luster, to Myanmar for the best, teak oil bright, material color uniform, texture straight. Teak dry shrinkage coefficient is minimal, is the smallest deformation coefficient in wood. In the case of large changes in dry and wet does not crack up; good overall performance, it is recognized as the world's valuable species. Air dry density: 0.48-0.70g / cm3, Suitable for shipbuilding, outdoor construction bridges, especially suitable for manufacturing ship deck, is the manufacture of high-grade furniture,

    flooring, indoor and outdoor decoration of the best materials.Wood plastic manufacturers on the production of wood-plastic wall of wood technology has its unique environmental protection, energy-saving features, is the emergence of new products in recent years, then the production of wood-plastic wall is how? The following is the wood plastic manufacturers to tell us about: First of all, wood-plastic wall panels in the extrusion die, it should be immediately cooling stereotypes to prevent the profile under its own gravity

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