through the double screw screwed

  • installed, then the table of the cabinet. The wooden basin alignment, flat regulation. B. floor bathroom cabinet installation methods cabinet cabinet feet will horizontally components through the double screw screwed on the fixing piece, and then flat cabinets placed in the appropriate position, cabinet feet as far as possible to the lateral plate of the cabinet body by force balance. And through the adjustment to the level of anchor bolts. When you look at the four foot is stable. If not at the same level, the non-uniform

    stress and distorted lines, not only affect the appearance and affect the service life. Two, side cabinet, installation method of rack with wall mounted bathroom cabinet installation method. Three, bath mirror installation method. A. the mirror size using tape, then at the right position according to the specifications in the installation of the wall perforation into the wall plug, then turn the screw plug into the wall to the suitable depth. B. two holes according to the mirror on the back, set into the wall in self tapping screws. The

    newspaper is ideal for wiping glasses. Four, matters needing attention and maintenance of A. air circulation to keep the bathroom cabinet body, dry, prolong the service life. Avoid water, such as water droplets should be dry with a cloth. Please do not contact with the ground B. mirror cabinet assembly, pad of soft material, so as not to hurt. The C. assembly process, pay attention to prevent the screwdriver and other metal scraping plate surface D. cleaning cabinet, the cabinet is best to use a neutral detergent agent,

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