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  • environment, the service life will be affected. So, how to make the bathroom cabinet is not damp, and can effectively extend the life of the bathroom cabinet, this article is to solve the problem for everyone. Peru: metal leg bathroom cabinet cabinet if the wooden legs become wet, and the moisture in the imperceptibly to cabinet, will eventually lead to deformation of the entire cabinet. If using metal legs to support the cabinet in the cabinet body bottom, the problem was cleverly defused. In addition, aluminum cabinet leg

    bones strong, in the basin of pressure in front of the cabinet to ensure the characteristics of fearless, antirust legs are in contact with the water does not rust. Recipe two: the main source of moisture into the wall design is to solve the bottom floor, bathroom cabinet moisture problems, successfully blocking the bathroom cabinet 50% water vapor permeability. The development of the wall cabinet, the cabinet can avoid direct contact with the ground, but also to maximize the use of the upper space of the bathroom,

    hanging design and waterproof material of the two major technology together, let the annoying moisture without the light of day. Secret three: Waterproof wooden bathroom cabinet water easily, so it has very stringent requirements on the environment, while the ordinary family bathroom generally only a few square meters of space, not easy to do wet partition. In the purchase of the bathroom cabinets, the fire board, wear plates, polymer composite plate as counter materials, they not only have good moisture

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