plus raw material

  • Restrict plus raw material highlight increasingly, estate market investment puts the adverse element such as delay, the healthy progress of wooden industry wood decking fading industry is affected. Below this kind of situation, lan Shan area guides wooden industry industry to turn structure of means, attune, increase construction of scientific research platform on one hand, promote the science and technology of board industry content and market competition ability hard;

    Recommend the trade such as outfit of high-end wood or composite to go around pools furniture, home actively on the other hand, cultivate dimensions industry, terminal of Xiang Mu course of study is outspread industrial catenary. Current, lanshanji got together Han master is compositive household, long allusion furniture, happy Xiong Jiazhuang matchs easily, the dimensions enterprise of industry of outfit of a batch of furniture such as Fumao furniture,composite 4x4 post home and in.

    Industrial catenary is outspread make industry of Lan Shan board jumped out the small circle of people that mutual competition squashs, begin to march toward profit better, redound more development spaces. This year first half of the year, company of furniture of 239 timber industry realizes cheap pvc deck boards Lan Shan area production value 27.73 billion yuan, occupied this area of production value of company of industry of full scope above 28.8% , grow 5.3% .